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Polyester Systems

Choice for the best Marble Floor Sealers are Available Here

Polyster based Marble Cleaning and Marble Sealer products offered by Marmo Solutions are comprised of two components resin polyester and styrene. A Marble Filler under polyster systems can be used over wide range of products in varying consistencies for many a number of activities and operations including like the best marble cleaner and marble stain remover. The Polyster Systems offered by MarmoSolutions showcases a varying number of properties and qualities for the marble cleaning and marble adhesive results. Our MarmoSolutions polyster system has unique properties of showcasing the strong adhesive properties, used for bonding, fast hardening, quick drying, quicken production lines and further can be used across the different vertical surfaces. The polyster system products hence could be used across for unique adhesive properties on multiple areas and regions as natural stones, artificial stones, building material, travertine, marbles, vertical surfaces and horizontal surfaces.

The Polyster System products hence showcases the following properties like as:-

  • Excellent adhesive properties to get bonded to the core for the reinforcement.
  • Unique mechanical properties showcasing the absolute strength and stiffness.
  • Better resistance against the fatigue and micro cracking.
  • Better resistance to osmosis due to water permeability.

Some prominent products under Polyster Systems sold by MarmoSolutions include Marmomastic, Marmomastic L, Marmomatsic Clear and Marmomastic Gel.

Marmomastic Gel

Marmomastic L