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Marmomastic L

Marmomastic L

With its great and immaculate adhesive properties, Marmomastic L by MarmoSolutions has unique sealing and adhesive properties that is offered in different capacities and range. The Marmomastic L is offered and have provided availability in different colours. The densifying impact showcased by Marmomastic L, occurs, due to the Dibezoyl Peroxide (1-3%). Its complete curing time is exactly 2 to 6 minutes. However, using the Marmomastic L, there occur the following marble and stone curing activities. As an adhesive, it showcases the immense strong adhesive properties and hence is used for bonding and fast hardening as a marble sealer. Highly polishable and quick drying properties make it to be used across on the different vertical surfaces. Being as a Marble sealer it can be applied across the different areas and marble stone for the treatment and the stone care. There are different areas of application where Marmomastic L can be applied at different areas and stones.

Product Specifications

Marmomastic L, a very popular product in stone adhesive and marble cleaner products is been facilitated with following features and details.

Technical Details

Technical Parameters Specifications
Colour Available in Different Colours
Hardner Dibezoyl Peroxide (1-3%)
Complete Curing Time >20 Minutes
Gel-Time 2-6 Minutes
Dry to Touch 5-20 Minutes
Polishable > 30 Minutes


By using the Marmomastic L, there are following stone adhesive advantages.

  • Strong Adhesive Properties
  • Used for bonding
  • Fast Hardening
  • Highly Polishable
  • Quick Drying
  • Quicken Production lines
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces

Areas of Application

As a renowned Stone Adhesive Marmomastic L is being applied at different areas and stones.

  • Natural Stones
  • Artificial Stones
  • Building Material
  • Travertine
  • Marbles
  • Vertical Surfaces
  • Horizontal Surfaces

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be treated with Marmomastic should be free from dirt, debris, efflorescence and other loose particles.
  • Surface should be cleaned and slightly roughened.
  • Dry the surface before using adhesive.

Mixture Preparations

  • Empty 100 grams of Part –A to every 1-3 Grams of PART B in a clean container.
  • Stir well to mix completely to get the bonding adhesive.
  • Please Note :
  • Mixture once prepared has to be used immediately within 20-30 minutes.
  • Keep the surface highly ventilated during and after the application.
  • Maintain a temperature of 25°C to reduce curing time

Quickly run a patch test on a smaller surface to check the hardenning process. Ensure proper ventilation while applying the adhesive


  • Once the patch test is fine, pour the contents on the sufaceto make the bond the surface. Strike excess material to get a smooth surface.
  • Use standard techniques to work with the adhesive.
  • Wait for 30 mins after the application to polish the treated surface.
  • Maximum hardenning will be achieved only after 7 days of the application.
  • Try and keep the surface warm as it expedites the hardenning process, whereas, cold temperature retards the process.


  • Stability of the bond is highly dependent on the nature of the natural stone to be bonded.
  • Close container tightly when not in use and do not store the unused material.
  • Patch test recommended. Before applying on a large surface, check product performance on a smaller patch.