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Floor Guard Systems

MarmoSolutions just not an emerging name in Marble Cleaner and Marble Solutions for the marble floor cleaning but also serve as a medium for other aligned products in the category of marble cleaning and other related activities. One such important product offered by MarmoSolutions is Marmotape ST that is a transparent, pressure sensitive, acrylic based and easy peel adhesive that is extensively used for offering protection to floor and other surfaces. It’s another important role is for transparent, pressure sensitive, acrylic based, easy peel adhesive to provide protection to floors and other surfaces.

It is also being applied as Stone Adhesive, it is being applied at different areas and stone to offer complete protection to the marble and decorative stone enabled surfaces like walls, floors and others. It is being applied at the different surfaces and areas like a Lacquered Plates, Waxed Vinyl & Laminates, Sealed concrete and Marble and ceramic tile and terrazzo.

The Marmotape ST, therefore exhibits a great number of stone adhesive advantages :-

  • Scratchproof, it protects floor from any sort of distortion.
  • Resistant to humidity, it let a surface to be completely protected from moisture.
  • Easy to peel and use, when to be used and applied on the floor it can be done promptly and with ease.
  • With special trademarks and made from unique products they are easy to be identified and worked upon.
  • Highly transparent they could be used over the critical Surfaces.

Hence, MarmoTape ST is just not limited to the single usage of product and services and is rather being a very robust and effective floor protection provider.

Marmotape ST