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Epoxy Systems

Get Your Marble a Newer Shine with Epoxy Products

Epoxy Systems products offered by Marmo Solutions are the leading Marble Sealer and Marble Adhesives, extensively, used for marble cleaning and marble sealing at different type of surfaces, whether, they are Marble based or Granite stone based activities. The Marmo Solutions Epoxy Products used for marble floor maintenance out-perform other products available in the market for the resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to the environmental degradation. Epoxy Systems are different from polyester resin that are cured by a hardner rather than a catalyst. The Marmosolutions epoxy system are the hardener molecules that 'co-react' with the epoxy molecules in a fixed ratio. It prompts the correct mix ratio that is obtained between resin and hardener to instill a complete reaction to takes place out there. While not fixed ratios, the unreacted resin or hardener there remain within the matrix that make a negative affect the final properties after cure.

The marble sealer and marble floor maintenance products by MarmoSolutions are used in different utilities and activities as adhesion, resistant to ageing, excellent durability, ease of dosing and mixing, high deformability, hardens by chemical reaction, oil and solvent resistant and resistant to acids and alkalis. The epoxy system products by Marmo Solutions are being used at different areas and stones. They are used at areas as Indoor & outdoor, wall & floor bonding, ceramic tiles, stone material & mosaic, balconies, external terrace and flat roofs or domes.

The MarmoSolutions Epoxy System shows following marble cleaning and adhesive properties :-

  • Better glue properties for the best bond between surfaces.
  • State-of-the-art Mechanical properties for strength and rigidness.
  • Enhanced resistance to tiredness and micro cracking.
  • Better resistance against the humidity and moisture.
  • Increased resistance to osmosis (surface degradation due to water permeability)

Some of the prominent Epoxy System products sold out by MarmoSolutions include Marmolastic T, Marmopoxy 5020, Marmopoxy GEL, Marmopoxy L, Marmopoxy Plus and Marmopoxy SP100.

Marmolastic T

Marmopoxy 5020

Marmopoxy Gel

Marmopoxy L

Marmopoxy Plus

Marmopoxy SP 100